Hi, my name is Brendan.

September 8, 1998
I was born to two amazing parents — Bill and Denise. I grew up on a farm in Southern, Vermont and spent most of my days enjoying an imaginative childhood with my younger brother, Ethan; playing in the woods, building forts, and going on wild adventures.  

This is the year when I really started getting serious about music. As serious as a four year old can get about a complex and ever evolving industry. All jokes aside, I did start playing guitar, singing, and writing melodies. Somehow I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted to be a musician. Obviously, at that time, I had no idea what that actually meant. Over the next several years, I flung myself into every musical scenario I could. I played at local churches, school, (when I wasn’t being homeschooled), learned from many great mentors, and attempted to play every instrument I could get my little hands on for the next decade. I am super blessed to have been born with a clear desire and obsession — so many people have to find it, but it was graciously placed right in front of me. 

I tried to start several bands and put on shows, but none of my friends were quite as excited about music as I was. I realized in order to move forward with the creative processes I needed to be independent, so that is when I started producing my own music. I became obsessed with being able to create an ensemble of sound…by myself. I didn’t have to rely on anyone else to show up — I could just create. That changed everything. This is also the year I released my first song on iTunes. But we don’t talk about that. It was called “Turn Up the Music” and if you want to dive deep into the interwebs you can probably find it — but please don’t.

2013 - 2015 
This was my learning/character building phase. You know the portion of the hero journey where the young medieval knight believes he will one day become a great noble knight but doesn’t realize how incompetent he is? He can’t even parry a sword being thrusted at him and he ends up getting beaten to a pulp by an old wise wizard? It was kind of like that. I trained hard and learned a lot about my craft, myself, people, and the world. I released several singles during this time which I now cringe at, but at the time I was proud to release them and the process was undeniably necessary and exhilarating. 

I graduated high school, vowed not to go to college, released my first EP, and worked in the family business — a lot. This was the year I officially decided to move to Los Angeles, so I saved money, went to LA to do some recon, then came back and saved some more. This was the first year I felt like I truly started to unwrap the complexities of who I am as a person. 

I released my follow up EP, wrote a song called “Before It’s Too Late”, went to NYC with my best friend Gannon to guest-star on a radio show and promote said song, wrote a few more songs, and then moved to Los Angeles in October. This was one of the best years of my life. Moving to LA was exactly what I needed to keep growing not only as an artist, but also as a young man. 

Now we are getting into it! I was featured on a song called “Wake Up”, released my single “Last to Fall”, wrote and produced a song called “Madness” with my friend Lia, and dropped “Breathe", featuring Mell Bowser. At this point, I started to identify who I was not only as a person, but now as an artist. I began to see results of consistency in my life and things began to make sense. But then, in the last half of the year, I fell in love — which made sense in it’s own way, but also made me realize I still had a lot of work to do! Healthy relationships help reveal your weaknesses, and I am grateful for that. 

One word: whirlwind. I decided after years of contemplation to start product testing for a clothing line — which is now launching July 1, 2020. I love making intellectual property but I have always wanted to make something more tangible. I released five new songs in the last half of the year: three collaborations and two of my own singles, “Worth It!” and “Dear Depression”. It was an exciting year in terms of the opportunities I got to take advantage of. But it was also a big year of personal growth. I had to work on my mental health and emotional intelligence…A LOT. I spent a lot of time feeling feelings I didn’t know existed and working on dealing with scars I hadn’t yet let surface. Note to self: spend time getting healthy — it is always wise to invest in your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

I am currently enjoying life in Glendale, CA writing songs, making videos, meeting amazing people, and desperately trying to be a better person and artist every day. 

Thanks for being here.